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Nicola Cook

Nicola has over 20 years experience at the cutting edge of Sales and Human Development. She is a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, business coach and international best selling author. She is the founder and Managing Director of Aurora Consulting, and Co-Director of Company Shortcuts with Lara Morgan.

Before starting her own company in 2004, Nicola’s professional career includes roles working with blue-chips such as American Express, Procter & Gamble, Chase Manhattan Bank, Gucci and Disney as well as multiple achievements working with smaller businesses and business start-ups.

Nicola is renowned for her engaging, energetic and passionate delivery style which inspires audiences all around the world. She is a particularly effective speaker in corporate sales environments where there are few female speakers with this amount of style and enthusiasm.

She has experience of speaking globally in as diverse countries as Singapore and Oulu in Finland! She’s most well known for her signature topic ‘Sales Secrets to accelerate your business growth©’

An international best selling author Nicola’s first book A New You: The Small Changes That Make the Biggest Difference to YourNewyou_SOS_combined Life is available in eleven countries around the world. Her second book The Secrets of Success in Selling: 12 Ways to Achieve Exceptional Results currently available in English and Spanish reached the No1 position on Amazon for it’s category on the day of release and has continued to receive rave reviews ever since.

Nicola is actively involved in a number of projects that support female entrepreneurship, developing an enterprise culture and economic regeneration through sustainable business growth as well as running her own Aurora Foundation.

Nicola is also a certified practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy and is a Fellow of the ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Managers).

Quick Q & A

  • Name: Nicola Cook
  • Age: 42
  • Family: Husband and 2 sons
  • Pets: 1 cat
  • Me in my own words: A feisty Geordie with immense passion to see others succeed, hard-working, solution seeker, massively competitive & who lives for the sale. A quick learner, a great listener who occasionally talks too much!
  • Best job I’ve had: What I’m doing now!
  • Worst job I’ve had:  A Sales manager role I had with a well-known fragrance brand earlier in my career, due to massive conflict between myself and my boss. Learnt a lot on how NOT to motivate people!
  • Favourite film/play: Moulin Rouge / Any musical with a good show-tune
  • Favourite holiday destination: Bamburgh beach on the Northumberland coast. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone, we want to keep it a secret!
  • Favourite sport, team and player: Sport..what’s that! Never been a big fan of playing or supporting. I am however a trained dancer and hold qualifications in dance and dance teaching. I prefer Yoga and swimming to stay fit, over anything that involves getting too hot and sweaty.
  • Things that interest me: Business, psychology and development of the mind
  • Best advice I’ve been given: Shy bairns get nowt (which translated from Geordie to plain English means, shy children receive nothing, i.e. If you don’t ask you don’t get). You can’t change the past only ever learn from it. Your past does not define your future unless you choose to let it. You can’t always influence what happens to you, but you can always choose how you respond.
  • My motto would be: Shy bairns get nowt!
  • The leadership qualities I most admire: Humility, strong self-belief and ambition
  • People I admire and why: Those who have triumphed over adversity
  • The mark of a good leader: Natural attraction of like minded followers
  • My tips for business start-ups: Be physically fit before you start you will be working long hours, ensure you’ve budgeted your personal expenditure to the penny as most start-ups entrepreneurs vastly underestimate the Lead Times from pipeline sales to turn into cash. Assume you will have no personal income for 6months. Make selling you’re NO.1 priority!
  • My biggest challenge so far and how I overcame it: Making a massive chunk of my loyal team redundant in 2008, following a shift in the market, very upsetting. However I learnt during that period, not to worry about the judgement of others, not to fear the BIG decisions and to accept that we personally grow the most from tackling the biggest challenges. As someone once said ‘bigger problems are a sign of the level of your success, therefore celebrate big challenges!’
  • Are people born leaders or are they made? A mixture of both. I believe everyone has the entrepreneurial/leadership seed within them, but that that instinct needs to be nurtured, educated and supported in order for it to flourish. I was fortunate that I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, but from one of the most deprived areas of the North East of England and observed first hand the affects of the shifts in heavy industry of coal, ship building and steel in the 80 & 90’s to new industries. Those that adapted and actively sought out new opportunities, thrived, those that tried to keep things the same, suffered. These early observations definitely shaped by beliefs around entrepreneurs, and that if you have a desire to succeed you will!