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The Secrets to Success in Selling – 12 ways to achieve exceptional results

These are real secrets. Pearls of wisdom learnt through years of successful selling.

Do you want to achieve ordinary or extraordinary sales results? Discover how to communicate with impact, increase your closing rates, build strong and lasting customer relationships, and create long-term rewards for you, your business, your team and your clients.

The Secrets of Success in Selling holds the key that will unlock your sales success, allowing you to:
• Improve your results
• Communicate more effectively
• Build stronger customer
• Create long-term rewards for you,
your business, your team and your

Divided into 3 Parts, it provides a simple step-by-step approach to improving your selling ability by focusing on yourself, your sales skills and your sales strategy. This book will ensure that you achieve the maximum results and make a real difference to your sales performance.

“A great business book – practical and realistic that will help with both personal sales techniques and business development strategy” Chris Thompson, Chief Executive of Express Group


A New You – the small changes that make the biggest difference to your life

This special book unlocks the secrets to successful change – and shows you how to make it happen for you, one small step at a time.

Many of us have a rumbling discontent about the state of our lives and a desire to make it better. Often it is difficult to define exactly what is wrong and what really needs to change. And if you can identify what you need to do differently, the prospect of making the changes can seem huge, daunting and destined to failure.

It’s no surprise then that we become so confused, discouraged and fearful of failure that our hopes and dreams can get lost and forgotten as we stumble on with no direction and little motivation. But our hopes and dreams don’t ever really leave us and they remain bubbling under the surface, constantly and consistently adding to our feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent.

A New You can help turn your life around. If you want to make changes but don’t know where to start and perhaps feel overwhelmed or confused about what your first step should be, this clever, practical and highly readable book will help you. You’ll establish exactly where you are now, find out what you need to change and be coached in the application of lots of practical tools and techniques that will help you get where you really want to be in your life.

The biggest obstacle to making a change is often the fact that it seems so huge and daunting. This book helps you to break everything down into subtle and achievable steps clearly showing how making small changes can, over time, have a huge and lasting impact on your life.

With the right mindset, an unwavering motivation and all the tools you need to succeed, you’ll find you can finally unlock your hidden potential, embrace the power of possibility and discover a new you – it’s like the old you, only better than ever!


Also available in Arabic, Indonesian, Malaylam, Turkish & Vietnamese. For alternative languages please order from your countries main book distributor.

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