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Nicola’s Signature keynote: Sales Secrets to drive your business growth©

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Every business needs to know how to scale their sales growth through the effective development of a profitable sales engine. In this lively and entertaining keynote which is also underpinned with real tangible applicable strategy and tools, Nicola shares her 4 part ‘Sales Secrets Formula©‘ which has now transformed thousands of businesses worldwide through her Business Accelerator programme.

If your audience are frustrated that their sales growth appears to have stalled, and their sales engines lack real strategy, process and scalability,– then Nicola promises to have your audience ‘Dinging & Dancing’ before the end of her session!

Leadership Inside Out

Based on some of the materials from her international best selling book ‘A New You’ this presentation unlocks the secrets of successful personal leadership.

Business transformation begins with personal transformation, so in this keynote shares the leadership habits needed to unlock the secrets of successful personal change leading to improved business culture and leadership performance.

Ideal as an inspirational keynote, peppered with personal and professional stories and one that leaves your audience with an increased belief in their own potential and increased desire to lead their teams to increased team success.

The Rules of influence

Human beings rather than being random are actually pattern seeking machines, and never more so then when making decisions. Therefore understanding some of the psychological rules that underpin buying decisions and building a sales engine that can tap into these deeper human emotions can give you an unfair sales advantage in your marketplace. If you believe you have the best product, the best service, the best team, yet are not realising your full sales potential, then it could be simply that your message is not getting through to your target audience and you need to review how you communicate your core messages of influence.

Turning Order Takers into Sales Blazers

In the current economic climate many sales leaders are realising that their sales professionals in fact are very good ‘order takers’ and lack some of the proactive sales skills needed to initiate contact, generate interest, qualify opportunities, deliver professional presentations, close more deals and ultimately control the sales process from start to finish.

If your audience need to understand the key business development skills every business  needs to drive growth, then this popular  to know how to develop an efficient sales engine for your business, how to fill your pipeline and how to use Nicola’s formulas to accurately forecast your sales results, then this highly popular topic is for your audience.